Maintenance     REPAIR

Service Options
  • Coolant Flush & Refill
    Insure proper antifreeze protection and reduce corrosion and break down of the radiator, engine manufacturers suggest that engine coolant be replaced every other year.
  • Load Bank Testing
    Verify the overall reliability of your generator under a full load and catch any problems that may affect your generator during a power outage.
  • Oil, Fuel & Coolant Analysis
    Samples are taken for analysis to monitor levels of contaminates. Reports indicate if there is need to take action.


Contract Customers
$105 regular hour

Non-Contract Customers
$160 regular hour

PowerHouse Generator of MD, is a full-service residential and commercial generator contractor. Whatever your problem or emergency power need, we are ready and able to handle it.

Is your generator ready for the next power outage? PowerHouse offers flexible service plan packages for all sizes and models of generators. Contact us for free pricing for a service plan that fits your needs.

In need of generator repair? PowerHouse can help. Call us to schedule an appointment.

  • Fuel Polishing
    Samples removing contamination, including water, from the fuel. Fuel polishing reduces the possibility of engine or fuel system damage.


Contract Customers
$85 regular hour

Non-Contract Customers
$125 regular hour